Ecosystem Builder For Cardano AdaSwap Launches IDO On Cardstarter

Cardano’s decentralized platform is going to change the way people and businesses exchange value on a global level. IDO, Cardano’s digital identity system that allows users to provide their personal information upon which they can then receive rewards in ADA tokens without requiring any user-verifiable proof of identity or nationality, has just been launched as part of this project.

The “cardswap tokenomics” is the economic model for the cardswap token. The cardstarter ecosystem builder for Cardano AdaSwap has launched IDO on Cardstarter.

Ecosystem Builder For Cardano AdaSwap Launches IDO On Cardstarter 1

14 December 2021, Tel Aviv, Israel

AdaSwap, an ecosystem builder that will create the first decentralized exchange on the Cardano network, is holding a token sale on Cardstarter to generate cash from interested investors and fuel the platform’s long-term development.

AdaSwap is offering 80 million ASW tokens for sale at a price of $0.005 apiece in order to raise $400,000. The allotment will be vested in two installments, with half issued at TGE and the other half distributed one month later.

The funds will be used to assist AdaSwap realize its goal of creating the first decentralized exchange (DEX) on Cardano, one of the most popular blockchain projects for decentralized app developers. Cardano’s native token, ADA, is now the sixth most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization, however it lacks a native DEX or DeFi ecosystem, forcing users to buy, sell, and swap tokens via centralized exchanges.

AdaSwap will address this by developing a native and gamified DEX for the Cardano network that will allow users to trade Cardano-based tokens with ease. AdaSwap will also provide a native NFT marketplace as well as fixed, long-term, high-yield liquidity pools. AdaSwap users will be able to stake tokens, buy and sell NFT artwork, and earn high interest on their investments using these services. AdaSwap will cease concentrating on greater liquidity locks and instead concentrate on what actually matters: users, in order to establish a better financial system.

AdaSwap has a first-mover advantage on Cardano, allowing it to build a micro-ecosystem that will aid in the development and adoption of the Cardano Blockchain throughout the globe.

The AdaSwap (ASW) token is the AdaSwap platform’s native cryptocurrency, which will be utilized to fuel different Cardano ecosystem operations. Because ASW coins are native to Cardano, they may be used interchangeably with all other Cardano-based tokens. Holders of ASW tokens will be able to trade tokens on the AdaSwap DEX, take advantage of real-time arbitrage possibilities, and save money on transaction costs thanks to a Free Financial Model that charges no participation or transaction fees.

“Concrete realities must be brought into sync with the Cardano ethos in order for the Cardano ecosystem’s potential to be fulfilled.” All of us who share this mindset owe it to the architects, innovators, and initiatives striving to construct the decentralized financial infrastructure on Cardano to offer our support. In this sense, I think ADAswap has a significant role to play. The ecosystem is fast evolving, and I am more certain than ever that DeFi’s future is bright, near, and based on Cardano.” Cardstarter’s COO, Brandon Kazakoff, said.

ASW tokens have sparked a lot of buzz on social media platforms like VoskCoin and Banter Capital, generating a lot of excitement ahead of its debut on Cardstarter, a decentralized project accelerator that helps new businesses launch IDO token sales on the Cardano blockchain.

Cardstarter is a suitable launchpad for ASW, with its objective of linking early-stage Cardano inventors to a network of funders. It enables investors to invest in low-risk enterprises created on the Cardano blockchain, which are backed by the Cardstarter insurance treasury.

“A launch pad is a critical beginning point for every project’s lifetime; it lays the foundation upon which strong beams must be erected.” We at AdaSwap have selected the greatest launchpad for the most powerful of bases. “We are ecstatic to be collaborating with cardstarter to offer AdaSwap to the globe!” stated Itay Levy, AdaSwap’s CEO.

Users can visit the AdaSwap website for further information on how to participate in the sale. Investors who want to engage in IDOs on Cardstarter must first stake CARDS and then register for the Live IDOs they want to participate in.

AdaSwap’s Background

AdaSwap is a Cardano ecosystem builder that aims to construct the first decentralized exchange. On the Cardano blockchain, the AdaSwap DEX will make it simple to trade cryptocurrency tokens, create, purchase, and sell NFTs, establish new projects, and stake money in liquidity pools to earn fees.



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The “Cardano AdaSwap” is a new ecosystem builder for the Cardano cryptocurrency. The project has launched IDO on Cardstarter, the first decentralized exchange for ADA. Reference: amm on cardano.

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