Gen2 Technologies (MNIZ) Launches Iris Stars to Target Social Media Market

Gen2 Technologies (MNIZ) is a leading Australian blockchain company that is creating a new crypto currency that will be used for social media platforms.

Despite a steep decline in its price in the last month, Gen2 Technologies (MNIZ) is growing at a fast pace in the social media market. It announced that it has launched its new product with name Iris Stars to target the social media market. The new product is a content sharing platform that allows users to earn interest on their storage storage. The idea of Gen2 Technologies (MNIZ) is to create the first content sharing platform that pays users for their online content.

Iris Stars will allow celebrities, social media influencers, and others to reach audiences with a genuinely unique perspective/experience through the Iris camera and Iris Media Network, according to Gen2 Technologies Inc. (the “Company”) (OTC: MNIZ).

This extension of the Iris Media Network’s services, according to management, will make it a bigger, more general social media platform. Our tiny body-worn cameras will be distributed to the broader public, including sports, celebrities, social media influencers, and ordinary people, allowing them to witness new perspectives of life in previously unknown ways. Our concept for a simple and intuitive user experience with a “turn-on and relax” shooting mode sets us apart from the competition and provides significant room for broad market penetration. Anyone can be a Star with Iris Stars.

Please contact the Company by email at [email protected] if you have any additional questions.

Gen2 Technologies Inc. (OTC PINK: MNIZ) aspires to be a pioneer in the digital age’s next phase. Gen2 Technologies will provide a better user experience across consumer, business, and governmental end-markets by using a portfolio of intellectual property (IP) spanning camera, radio, distribution, and blockchain technologies. Our revolutionary first-mover Iris Media Network, which uses our tiny body-worn Iris cameras to create sports content and social media, is poised to disrupt the industry. Our eKYC and best-of-breed aim/click/capture of still and video images straight into blockchain-enabled native format IP seeks to solve high-potential use cases such as digital COVID vaccination cards and better NFT development and management systems.

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