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Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm. As a woman in crypto, you constantly get asked questions about how to invest and what is an ICO? In this podcast, Roxana Nasoi interviews some of her favorite entrepreneurs that are creating real-world solutions through blockchain technology.

“The coinmarketcap” is a website that lists the current price, volume, and market cap of every cryptocurrency in existence. The “coinmarketcap” has been used to identify promising crypto projects with startup mentor Roxana Nasoi.


Roxana Nasoi, Managing Director of newly formed blockchain incubator Launchpool Labs, brings over a decade of expertise in establishing firms in the digital economy field to this week’s Cryptonites conversation.

This is another podcast you won’t want to miss, as the entrepreneur mentor gave her insights on what to look for when investing in cryptocurrency companies. 

Here are a few highlights from the conversation, in which Alex Fazel and Nasoi discussed everything from the basics of spotting prospective businesses to the hazards of connecting identities on the internet.

Cyber security is a crucial component that is sometimes “overlooked” in discussions.

“Obviously, I appreciate the notion of Twitter facilitating Lightning payments, but I’m worried that you’re tying your digital identity to your Lightning payments.” These platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, use IDs. Your Twitter identification is either a phone number or a regularly used e-mail address. When you verify your identity, you get KYC data–and there’s always a security component to it,” Nasoi cautioned, pointing out the key link between digital identity, data, and privacy.

“I believe that whether you are receiving money from the general public or venture capitalists, you must identify yourself.” I would never incubate or invest in a startup if I didn’t know the founders, for example. “We look at founders, we look at their histories, we look at their past experience, and we also look at what they’re developing,” she continued, advocating for greater privacy for individuals but more openness for institutions, organizations, and businesses.

Identifying initiatives with high potential

“There’s a lot of pressure on younger entrepreneurs right now because if they do a token sale, if they do a VC-backed crypto raise–if they don’t succeed–like it’s a black mark on their record for the rest of their life.” Because, in our area, we don’t forgive anyone–we’ll simply label it a fraud right away,” Nasoi said, emphasizing that, unlike in conventional markets, crypto businesses are never forgiven by retail investors if they fail.

“The founders’ connection is really significant to me since I trust co-founders more if they’ve known one other.” For me, it’s a track record whether they played football together, if their families knew each other, and if they studied together. It demonstrates that they were in contact previously and reduces the likelihood that they would separate after going through incubation, mentorship, and advisory work,” the startup mentor noted, detailing one of the methods she used when deciding which ideas to incubate.




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