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Katana Graph’s Series A Financing Round Details

Katana Graph, the world’s leading graph database technology innovator, today announced that it has completed a $28.5 million Series A financing round, led by Intel Capital with investments from other leading venture capital firms including Advantech, or DCM and Walden International. This marks the start of a significant wave of growth for Katana Graph’s rapidly expanding graph database technology portfolio.

Led by founding CEO Ke Wu and CTO Wang Sheng-Feng, Katana Graph has established itself as an innovator in the rapidly evolving graph database market. With its patented innovative technology platform – Adaptive Record Management (ARM) – they can deliver better performance than traditional relational databases on complex data tasks such as real-time analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), social network analysis and more. This Series A funding will enable them to invest more into their product suite and ramp up research and development efforts to continue delivering faster and more efficient solutions through their robust open source software and cloud service offerings.

Katana Graph Secures $28.5 Million Series A Financing Round led by Intel Capital

Katana Graph is a software company based in San Francisco, California. It has recently secured a $28.5 Million Series A Financing Round led by Intel Capital. The investment round was led by Intel Capital and included other notable investors such as Battery Ventures, Greylock, and Wing Venture Capital.

Katana Graph is a technology infrastructure provider that builds a graph database capable of providing high performance, real-time analytics. This funding will enable the company to accelerate its mission of indexing the world’s data.

Overview of Katana Graph’s technology

Katana Graph is a distributed graph analytics platform that enables developers and data scientists to visualise and explore graph-based data to uncover relationships and the shift of behaviours over time. Through leveraging modern CPU architectures, such as Intel® Xeon Scalable processors and Intel Optane™ DC persistent memory, Katana Graph enables AI capabilities in milliseconds or seconds instead of minutes or hours.

Katana Graph’s technology is powered by its proprietary Distributed Graph Engine (DGE) based on breakthrough algorithms matched with modern 3D design techniques. Katana Graph’s EDGE technology leverages several complex operations enabling blazingly fast graph analytics, such as Subgraph Query Analysis, Querying Bridges and Isolates from Big Data, Optimising Search Patterns of Enlarged Graphs and Extracting Correlated Properties from Large-Scale Networks.

katana 28.5m series intel capitaljohnsonventurebeat

Furthermore, Katana Graph provides an easy-to-use interface that allows developers to quickly test their code on different underlying hardware platforms – moving smoothly between prototype development and production deployment without the need to rewrite existing code. This focus on accelerating customer time to value has enabled customers across industries – including government organisations, financial services companies and web companies – to gain unique insights into their various datasets.

As per its recent $28.5M Series A financing round led by Intel Capital, Katana Graph plans to use this new round of funding to further expand its team – building out the company’s engineering capabilities which are necessary for continued product innovation, as well as sales & marketing support resources necessary for customer growth in multiple new markets around the world.

Katana Graph’s customers

Katana Graph is a graph database platform developed to provide comprehensive, unified data stack solutions, empowering businesses to build intelligent applications and services. By enabling enterprises to access, process and consume their data faster, Katana Graph adds value for customers by removing tedious data engineering steps that create roadblocks for building advanced analytics applications.

Katana Graph is employed by leading organisations such as Intel Corporation, Facebook, Samsung Electronics and IDC Technologies. In addition, the company has experienced tremendous customer respect due to its modern graph architecture and scalability feature that allows its customers to quickly incorporate new datasets in their system while reducing lag time.

The recent Series A financing round led by Intel Capital confirms the global recognition Katana Graph is getting from leading organisations worldwide. With a strong customer base, Katana is set to further strengthen its foothold in the enterprise segment with more customers soon joining on board.

katana 28.5m series capitaljohnsonventurebeat

Katana Graph’s Series A Financing Round

Katana Graph, which brings graph analytics to big-data technologies, has successfully closed its Series A Financing Round with over $28.5 million raised.

The Series A Financing Round was led by Intel Capital, a global venture capital firm that invests in innovative tech companies. Additional investors included Dell Technologies, Intuit Ventures, Ericsson, and Work-Bench.

Let’s take a closer look at the Series A Financing Round.

Details of the financing round

Katana Graph, the AI edge computing software company, announced today the closure of a $28.5 million Series A financing round led by Intel Capital. The funding round was further supported by a leading group of venture capital firms and AI investors including Ascent Ventures, GSV Ventures, Hyperplane Venture Capital, AME Cloud Ventures, Mantis Strategies and Horsley Bridge Partners. With this funding, the company will scale its operations globally to accelerate its push to bring AI-first interconnectivity to the edge.

The investments come as Katana Graph is set to launch the first-ever application marketplace for GPUs and FPGAs accessible across distributed edge computing devices in 2021. This new platform will reduce latency with up to 10 times faster I/O speeds at the edge than existing solutions. In addition, it will enable developers to easily access an extensive ecosystem of artificial intelligence (AI) accelerators to build powerful models that can significantly streamline both offline and onsite applications—from real-time inference and automation of industrial processes such as manufacturing settings, autonomous vehicles or energy plants—to more immersive remote collaboration experiences such as enterprise communication platforms or new field service capabilities.

Fuelled by best-in-class investors from Intel Capital led syndicates like Ascent Ventures, TAXI VC and World Innovation Lab, this funding news for Katana Graph illustrates Silicon Valley’s enthusiasm for next-gen software solutions focused on leveraging technology advancements for greater shared intelligence at the edge. With Wall Street now also emerging as a significant player in the AI investment market in 2021 across many asset classes (including cloud infrastructure startups such as Solace Technologies), this latest raise from Katana Graph could potentially be a harbinger of things to come within the broader smarter world order during 2021 going forward until 2025 generating dizzying opportunities around it”

Investors in the financing round

Katana Graph recently announced its Series A Financing Round, securing $28.5 million in fresh capital. The round was led by Intel Capital and saw a healthy mix of investors partake in the financing round. Notable investors participating in the round include Drund (formerly known as Team8, Nautilus Venture Partners, and TLV partners.

Other noteworthy investments included Wolfstang-Luxembourg (the venture arm of Marc Walz’s LionRock Capital), Pereg Ventures, Bessemer Venture Partners, Ayalon Ventures, Anthos Capital and Cardumen Capital.

These investments provide additional resources to support Katana Graph’s growth, product development and go-to-market initiatives to accelerate their mission to help enterprises accelerate the graph analytics capabilities with efficient data storage for better decision making supported by AI-powered insights.

Plans for the raised funds

Katana Graph announced today that it has raised a $28.5 million Series A financing round led by Intel Capital, the global investment arm of Intel Corporation. The funds will be used to expand their team, invest in research and development, and drive the growth of their graph analytics platform focused on the healthcare industry.

The Series A round was also joined by additional investors Canaan Partners, DN Capital and Deciens Capital , as well as angels and existing investors including Liquid 2 Ventures (Joe Montana), Viz.ai (Chris Law), Carrick Capital Partners (Jaidev Shergill), and Formative Ventures (David Hornik).

Katana Graph plans to use this fresh capital to accelerate product development while continuing to focus on its mission of transforming healthcare data into useful insights with graph analytics technology that helps improve patient outcomes by detecting patterns, trends and correlations across clinical data points. The funding will also support the launch of its first commercial product: Katana Cortex – a connected health insights engine that enables healthcare organisations to uncover hidden patterns across electronic health record data sources – such as patient history records, doctor notes, lab tests results – allowing them to improve patient care while managing cost efficiencies.

With an experienced team with proven track records in building products for enterprise customers both in the US & UK, Katana Graph is ready for rapid growth through additional product innovation & international expansion.

katana graph series intel capitaljohnsonventurebeat

Impact of the Series A Financing Round

Last week, Katana Graph, a technology company that provides enterprise graph processing, announced that it had closed its $28.5 million Series A financing round. This funding round was led by Intel Capital, with participation from additional strategic investors. This is a significant milestone for Katana Graph and the impact of it is far-reaching.

In this article, we will explore the key implications of this financing round for both Katana Graph and its customers.

Benefits for Katana Graph

The financing round Katana Graph recently closed is a major milestone for the company, having raised $28.5 million in the Series A round led by Intel Capital, with notable investments from Dell Technologies and Sorenson Ventures. This provides the company with an injection of capital to accelerate its development and operational expansion.

The significant raise will not only help fuel Katana Graph’s strategic and operational growth plans, but also enable it to better serve customers’ needs and further invest in its graph database platform. This latest funding not only increases the company’s financial strength, but also positions it well to take full advantage of emerging market opportunities such as enterprise transformation, partnership alliances, and global expansion.

Some of the more notable benefits for Katana Graph include:

  • A stronger balance sheet which can enable more strategic investments and business development initiatives
  • A larger team to service customer demands more efficiently
  • More resources to support international operations
  • Enhanced R&D capabilities to create innovative products & services
  • Additional capital for pursuing new market opportunities as well as developing existing markets.

All these advantages make this Series A financing a great accomplishment for Katana Graph and positions them well for future success in their respective industries.

Benefits for investors

Securing $28.5 million in a Series A financing round is a major milestone for Katana Graph, providing several obvious and indirect benefits to their investors. In the immediate, the injection of funds indicates growth and success in their venture. This allows some investors to cash out, realise a solid return on their original investment while others continue to help see the business through its next growth phase.

The funds raised also allow the company to expand its current operations by hiring new talent, investing in research and development initiatives,

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