Litecoin price outlook: Charts point to a surge due to a possible breakout soon

The Litecoin price chart is showing a strong bullish trend as the cryptocurrency continues to break out of its range. This has been caused by an increase in volume, which could signal a possible breakout soon.

The “litecoin price prediction 2030” is a chart that shows the Litecoin price outlook. The chart points to a surge in value due to a possible breakout soon.

Litecoin is on the cusp of breaking out after stabilizing for a month, and investors may still get in before it’s too late. On Wednesday, Litecoin tried to break out but failed, but it will try again very soon and may succeed this time.


  • Litecoin has created a symmetrical triangle and is in close proximity to the trendline.

  • XRP has established a similar pattern, and XRP broke out on Sunday, rising over 5%; Litecoin might follow suit.

  • On Sunday, a bullish RSI divergence was witnessed, suggesting that the breakout is extremely near.

  • Once Litecoin breaks the $203 threshold and maintains its position above it, an entry may be made. An entrance might be made following a re-test of the trendline for cautious investors.

  • A goal of $240 may be established, followed by $310, and a longer-term aim of a new high.

  • Because Litecoin might offer a false breakthrough, a stop loss should be placed around $175.




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Following XRP’s massive breakout, Litecoin could also break out shortly, and investors may get in whenever a breakout is apparent. However, investors should maintain a stop loss in place in case of a fakeout.

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