How to Find The Next Big Cryptocurrency for 2019?

Cryptocurrency is a global phenomenon that has seen its value surge in recent years. It’s no surprise that the industry has created many new millionaires and billionaires. However, it can be difficult to find the next big cryptocurrency for 2019, especially with so many options available.

The next big cryptocurrency 2021 is the most popular question that is asked. It’s difficult to say which one will be the next big cryptocurrency, but there are some predictions for what could happen in 2019.

If the hype around “the next great cryptocurrency” has taught us anything, it’s that it may lead to a profitable investment opportunity. With the development of Ethereum, as well as dozens of other significant creative cryptos like Ripple, Monero, Stellar, Vechain, and others, many of us saw this firsthand. As you would expect, grabbing any top-50 crypto before it becomes well-known may provide you with a fantastic opportunity to earn handsomely.

During the drug-out bear market of 2018, the ROI may not seem to be tremendous, but as disaster approaches, the best chances are lurking in plain sight. We dare you to find the coins that have the most potential to skyrocket in value when the market turns around. We’ll also provide you with all you need to know about trading possibilities.

The Search for the Next Big Cryptocurrency

The first step is to identify cryptocurrencies that are worth examining and determining their potential value as a mid- to long-term investment. Right now, we’re not searching for day, scalp, or swing trading chances. We want to concentrate on coins that are worth purchasing and keeping for a 10- to 100-fold return in 1-3 years.  

Let’s have a look at some methods for weeding out potential crypto investments. We’ll also go over how to properly assess them and determine if they’re worthy of your time—and perhaps your money—as you go ahead.

Websites with Coin Market Cap are a good place to start.

Coin market cap websites

First and foremost, we may always assess by market capitalization since this is a quick method to determine the most probable “multiplier factor.” If a cryptocurrency’s entire market capitalization is just $5 million, any significant investment may quickly boost its value.,, and are three prominent crypto market cap websites; the information, filtering options, and visual aesthetics differ per site. We recommend that you should not overthink what a site like this has to offer; you just want to utilize these resources to discover coins that may be undervalued and then study more about them elsewhere.

You also don’t have to go straight to market capitalization websites. You may discover currencies from a variety of places, validate their perceived worth, and then look up their market cap statistics on one of these sites. You won’t get caught in the incorrect train of thinking this way, and you’ll always sell yourself on the coin’s concept/value before asking, “How wealthy can this coin make me?”

Subreddits for Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency sub Reddit

As a starting point, we suggest /r/cryptocurrency. This sub-Reddit contains less pump-and-dump chatter and focuses only on current coin news and discussions. There are more polite conversations and news about progress on there. Filter the results to “Top” and check in on a daily basis; you can also browse through top postings from the previous month or year to see what else is worth following that is presently flying under the radar.

/r/ethtrader and /r/bitcoin are two more sub-Reddit sections worth checking out. If you come across an interesting crypto project, look for its sub-Reddit (if it exists) and begin following it on a regular basis. Also, make sure you follow any crypto initiatives that pique your attention on active social media platforms.

Take a look at some crypto news sources. homepage

We suggest that you get all of your information from reputable crypto news sources like and Unfortunately, our business is rife with false news and media that is disseminated with a concealed agenda.

Find the news before it occurs, rather than monitoring the news sources. At, you can see all of the forthcoming events for big crypto projects and keep track of what’s coming up. You may sometimes join in on the ground floor of a project’s excitement, such as by purchasing a promising coin before it debuts at Consensys.

When looking for new investments, there are a few things to keep in mind.

We’d also want to go through some ground rules for what not to do while searching for hot crypto investment possibilities. Avoiding these blunders is just as essential; you don’t want to be caught up in the excitement when it’s too late, expensive, or unwarranted. By fool-proofing your investment searching abilities, you may avoid a potentially substantial financial loss.

Following are some pointers to consider…

  1. Don’t fall for hyped-up cryptocurrency schemes. Make your own decisions based on your own research. Gone are the days of searching YouTube for the greatest new altcoin investments; if you want to discover the next big crypto before it takes off, you’ll need to do some serious research. So stay away from the trollboxes and don’t believe the enticing promises made in Reddit posts like “Daily Altcoin Discussion.”
  2. Avoid using coin forks. Investing in a currency that is the product of a hard fork does not put you ahead of the curve. Unfortunately, anybody who had a balance in the old currency will have the same amount in the newly split coin. As a result, even when there seems to be purchasing interest, there is very little upward pressure. Avoid the hoopla since it’s likely that the whales are selling as the market rises, before the price plummets.
  3. Avoid initiatives that are too reliant on coins. We’ve seen excellent crypto projects fail to create a flourishing ecosystem around their supporting currency on occasion. When a project adds more currencies to the mix, such as STEEM Dollars + STEEM Bucks, it confuses the purchasing public. Some projects even forego the work of developing usefulness in their main coin, like Digix DAO did, resulting in a price drop from over $500 to around $15 since the launch of their second currency.
  4. Micro-niche coins should be avoided. Yes, a game currency is appealing, but do we really need GameCredits, EnjinCoin, Decentraland, FirstBlood, and a slew of other cryptocurrencies? Whether the currency is used to register and trade digital items in a game or to wager on your virtual gaming performance, all of these ideas may be negated with the proper ETH-based implementation. They’re just not large enough, particularly in today’s crypto market, where usefulness takes precedence above excitement.
  5. Never be seduced by a team’s credentials. Once upon a time, if people learned that a former CEO of a big company was on board, your crypto project would skyrocket. In today’s crypto world, there are far too many people who are overqualified. There are many instances of this in cryptos with market capitalizations under $5 million.

There are a slew of additional blunders to avoid as well. Understanding market mood, on the other hand, is crucial. Trading possibilities that previously appealed to you are no longer so attractive. To see how crypto investors work differently today, read our perspective on purchasing cryptocurrencies for their news-based pumps.

During Bear Season, How to Pick Future Winners

Let’s look at some of the questions you may ask while assessing different cryptocurrency initiatives. These questions should help you figure out what to look for in a cryptocurrency that is really worth.

Without a doubt, as the year draws to a close, most cryptos seem to be dead, as their prices continue to fall. For the coins who merit it, market momentum will recover, but many will stay dead and not be worth investing in; consider these questions while deciding which result is most probable.

What caused the plane to crash? Has anything changed in terms of the fundamentals?

Was the sole reason the coin’s price dropped because the market as a whole fell? What else is going on here if not that? A shift in fundamentals may sometimes push a stock’s price further lower, stifling its future potential. For example, Ethereum’s initial significant use case (as an ICO platform) no longer has value, resulting in a reversal of the previously positive speculative pressure.

On a basic level, the coin may still function the same, but the speculative fundamentals are completely different. Just as Bitcoin climbed when block rewards were halved (due to fewer coins flooding the market on a daily basis), the rise in traded ETH from ICOs selling out has drastically altered market dynamics for the worse—because supply began to exceed demand. When you add in the fact that fewer ICOs are launching, which means less ETH is being locked up, you have a recipe for a price crash. As a result, it’s not unexpected that ETH has fallen considerably farther and quicker than Bitcoin.

If the speculative and technical fundamentals of a coin remain unaltered… Their growth potential is unbridled, and a good ROI is just a matter of time if the market turns around and the coin’s project progresses. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that when the next bull market takes off, more factors will be “priced in.”

Before the crypto-crash, where did they stand? Was it the start of a hype train?

The steep decrease in market value has been a major warning flag for most alts recently. As an example, we’ll utilize AirSwap (AST). Over the last year, the market value of this cryptocurrency has dropped from a peak of $250 million to below $4 million. Even some of the most touted cryptos have experienced price drops considerably larger than this.

What we see, however, may be a useful signal for identifying a future bullish currency. Prior to the increase, the price remained stable in the $25 to $50 million range. Good news arrived, which piqued people’s curiosity. Everyone was suddenly purchasing, but the whole crypto scene collapsed, and AST could only hold out for so long.

This currency is one among the few to have pumped throughout the first quarter of this year, when other currencies were lagging behind Bitcoin. Ambrosus (AMB) is another excellent example of a cryptocurrency that has usefulness (as a coin designed to power a global supply chain platform). This cryptocurrency rose in popularity earlier this year, almost quadrupling in price from January to May, despite the fact that Bitcoin and other alt currencies were falling in value. AMB’s market capitalization, which was over $120 million at the time, is currently just $8 million.

The problem is, at least with these currencies, the values were already low before their initiatives gained widespread attention from the crypto community. At the time, a limited number of investors were collecting. These currencies would certainly have a significantly larger market cap right now if their price performance had occurred six months earlier.

While no approach is certain to succeed, sifting through the most promising alts just before the crypto market crashed this year is a good way to discover future winners. Even if the project does not achieve the renown of a top-25 coin, fewer investors are waiting for prices to rise in order to recoup their initial investments — a factor that will undoubtedly depress some of the bigger alts when the crypto market recovers.

-> What do they have to do with it? What distinguishes them?

After only a small amount of study, you should be able to answer these questions in your mind. What if the project’s intrinsic and distinctive worth isn’t immediately apparent? If that’s the case, either the project isn’t worth anything or the coin’s function may be readily accomplished by another cryptocurrency. You just do not want to put your money into a coin that may become outdated in the future.

Coin investors are more concerned than ever before about “what if someone simply tosses this project on Ethereum?” This is something you must consider when choosing whether project is worthy of your investment money. When it comes to crypto investments, blockchain interoperability is a serious consideration.

AirSwap has evolved into more than just a simple crypto DEX. Yes, the AirSwap network allows crypto holders to quickly exchange different currencies at a reasonable cost. It also allows large investors to offer liquidity without relinquishing custody. They don’t have an order book on their site, and their exchange doesn’t keep track of your digital money.

That’s fantastic, but we still need to figure out if we should purchase and hold now or wait…

-> Are there any significant developments or announcements on the horizon?

What advancements or news from this crypto project would you envision releasing within the same period if cryptocurrencies flipped to bullish tomorrow, next month, or next year? Another excellent question to ask, of course, since you won’t win in these markets if you can’t see the valuations skyrocketing.

A reduction in block reward, a new utility-based purpose, use case acceptance, and a newly implemented staking or masternode type incentive system are all examples of significant changes. We recommend that you ignore pump-like events, such as most partnership announcements and other one-time positives.

Coin Types & Value Calculations – First Impression

We think it is important to familiarize you with the many kinds of cryptocurrencies that are now “in demand” in the market. We’re in the midst of a bear market that may last for quite some time. With so many low-cost cryptocurrencies available, we feel confident in suggesting a few specific kinds of coins due to their reasonable growth potential.

We’re looking for currencies that are likely to run into supply problems if their idea succeeds. This feature causes the value of these cryptocurrencies to rise organically – not simply because everyone chooses to purchase and hold in expectation of a price increase.

To that end, the three primary kinds of currencies with intrinsic value are: 1) masternode cryptos, 2) decentralized exchange coins, and 3) developer platform fuel tokens. We’ll go through each of these three categories in detail below to help you understand what to look for in each.

1. Cryptocurrencies with Masternodes

Masternode table

Thanks to DASH, the masternode idea has grown in popularity. From your long-term investment, the finest masternode coins produce revenue. Getting a masternode early in a coin’s existence has a lot of value since the overall cost of putting up your node will be relatively low. Many investors are getting 25-75 percent returns on their masternode investments within a year.

For information and profitability data on all the various cryptos that provide this staking function, go visit Using the following parameters, you may narrow down your choices:

  • A large market cap is required ($3 to $5 million or more is an excellent starting point).
  • The amount of trading must be fair and constant.
  • The value (cost) of a masternode must not be a barrier to admission.

Treat masternode coin investment, on the other hand, as a means to get a larger stake in a good business from the start. Look through the list of masternode cryptos and filter by price to discover what intriguing projects are now offering cheap masternodes. Investing in a masternode may pay out considerably more in the long run if you believe they are worthy of a long-term hold. The issue is that the initial investment may be prohibitive for many newcomers, and putting up the node will require some technical knowledge.

2. Exchange Coins that are not centralized

Cryptocurrencies used to power decentralized exchanges are in high demand, particularly as the number of DEX platforms grows. When you get in early on a DEX platform currency, you have a genuine chance. Here, the upside potential is enormous. However, the currency you invest in must be able to support a widely used decentralized exchange.

Binance Coin is the finest example of a successful DEX exchange crypto (BNB). This cryptocurrency was added to a platform that already had a high trading volume. As a result, we have a fairly good handle on both the use case and the adoption. Needless to say, it’s easy to see why BNB is the most valued DEX currency at the moment.

However, effective DEX platforms are needed for the industry to take off. Any currency that can help you achieve future prosperity is a fantastic investment right now. If AirSwap, for example, succeeds in capturing the digital asset exchange market, the present $4 million value will be a drop in the bucket compared to what the idea would be worth if it is widely accepted.

It’s also worth noting that decentralized exchanges aren’t limited to currency/coin-based transactions conducted in a decentralized manner. Exchange systems such as PowerLedger, a decentralized energy trading platform, are also available. These cryptos have clear use cases and may be extremely valuable if the project takes off—however, owing to their specialized features, their ceiling is a little limited.

3. Fuel Coins for the Platform

Ethereum clear logo

EOS, Ethereum, IOTA, Lisk, NEO, and OmiseGo are all development platforms that enable developers to create projects and smart contracts from inside. These platforms operate in a variety of ways, but they all have one thing in common: a cryptocurrency is utilized as “fuel” to keep the system operating.

The dependence on these fuel currencies will differ per platform, but the higher the acceptance, the more the need for non-traded coins will grow. As a result, speculative traders are circulating a smaller pool of coins compared to the real supply. The restricted supply and genuine usefulness will almost certainly result in a significant rise in value, rewarding any long-term investors.

At the moment, we offer a lot of discounts. These blockchain systems, on the other hand, are attempting to compete with Ethereum. Some may succeed in the future, while others will fade away. Most have already “reasonably high” market capitalization, making them more difficult (but generally safer) investment opportunities for those seeking a 10x or greater return.

Analysis of the Altcoin Market

Over the years, we’ve witnessed a few distinct altcoin market patterns. Altcoins had an inverse connection with Bitcoin after surviving the 2014-2015 Bitcoin market cycle and as altcoins acquired bullish fuel. When Bitcoin is down, other cryptocurrencies rise, and when BTC is up, other cryptocurrencies fall.

The big bull run of 2017 was centered on initial coin offerings (ICOs) and popular cryptocurrency ventures. The trading community as a whole grew enamored with trading altcoins (and rightly so), putting enormous upward pressure on the price. As the whole crypto community recognized BTC’s significant growth, alts started to climb with it. In fact, as this market cap domination chart shows, they beat BTC overall:

crypto market dominance chart 2017

Image courtesy of

Last year, the total market capitalisation of Bitcoin fell dramatically, as seen in this graph. At this time, more money was flowing into alternative crypto ventures. Part of the reason for the shift was the influx of new currencies into the market, particularly cryptos from large ICOs. However, as Bitcoin progressed, altcoins increased significantly across the board.

For speculators, the trend reversal after BTC’s December 2017 high was crucial. In retrospect, it was a turning point in the market, with the market shifting power back to the crypto king: Bitcoin. The dominant share reverted to its previous position, recapturing the majority of the capitalization lost during last year’s parabolic bull movements. After the 2017 crypto bubble burst, the dominance chart altered dramatically.

Crypto dominance chart 2018

Image courtesy of

Now, with the 2018 bear stampede… Along with Bitcoin, altcoins are falling in value. Many people are falling quicker, and just a handful are fighting at all. The faster rate of descent for alts has encouraged BTC to reclaim a large portion of its market share. Given how many alts were overpriced just due to the overall crypto excitement, this is understandable.

There have been several days when prices have dropped by 30% or more. Many cryptocurrency projects exhibited the same falling triangle pattern that Bitcoin had when we artificially bottomed at $6,000. Many institutional investors own baskets of major cryptocurrencies, which has impacted a value connection across the board. This psychological link is difficult to break for anybody, not just market makers.

Simply look at the price charts for several of the major cryptos to see how similar their price fluctuations are. The bulk of bigger cryptocurrencies, in particular, have reversed their uptrend peaks and capitulated to levels not seen since the beginning of last year’s rally.

Pro tip: When analyzing cryptocurrency price fluctuations, don’t use just one metric. Their relationship to Bitcoin and crypto sentiment will not always be the same. There is only so much negative momentum that can be sustained; for example, Ethereum is now trading around $100 after reaching a $1,400 high, but its ratio to Bitcoin is also down significantly. While Bitcoin makes a modest upward corrective when the tide changes, these suppressed currencies may create an emotion coil at their lowest and easily rise 2-4x.

What Will Happen to Altcoins in 2019?

Many of the bigger, genuine crypto projects with active communities and continuing development will be OK when the wheels fall off. Market cycles do not alter; once Bitcoin reaches its bottom, all that remains is purchasing demand, causing the price to wedge and spike higher. We anticipate the same from genuine altcoin initiatives, which have been bleeding alongside Bitcoin for quite some time. Check out this list of the best altcoins to invest in in 2019.

Outside factors may have a significant effect. Futures markets and other entry opportunities for large investors, for example, may generate new demand. Certain altcoins’ prices may quickly skyrocket, particularly if they prove useful and are widely accepted. We may see paradigms emerging similar to the one that emerged from Ethereum’s wild climb up when ICOs gave the ETH token real use/utility.

Future Trends Prediction – Caution!

Cryptocurrencies are fungible to some degree because to their interoperability. We don’t have any evidence to back up the claim that every kind of crypto development deserves its own blockchain. There are far too many projects that can be managed solely on Ethereum, and ultimately through Bitcoin’s “Rootstock” (the ETH smart contract equivalent). Unfortunately, far too many cryptocurrencies with excellent ideas are too fungible, which is something traders in today’s market must avoid.

So, what does this imply?

Even if the crypto market returns to positive mood, a currency that was previously worth 20x may never recover to that level. Prior values were based on a lot of hype, and traders rejected a lot of facts. Traders utilize technical analysis and past values to forecast future prices – if you’re not cautious, this strategy may be dangerous. The adage “the past does not determine the future” is particularly applicable in crypto.

We expect cryptocurrency initiatives with solid foundations and use cases to gain in value. These are the cryptos that have the most potential for tenfold development. Many other currencies will likely vanish, or their projects will be duplicated or moved to a development-based blockchain system like as Ethereum.

It’s also worth noting that we now have a plethora of fiat-based trading pairings. Crypto traders no longer need to keep an appealing altcoin to protect themselves against a declining Bitcoin price. We are seeing less positive pressure on the altcoin market as a whole as more individuals are able to jump to cash instead of selecting their favorite alt project.

Let’s not forget that, although the number of crypto traders has increased, there are thousands more currencies to select from today than there were just a few years ago. This type has a negative effect since it prevents parabolic price swings. To put it another way, don’t count on history repeating itself. If “the next Bitcoin” is universally chosen, however, the price increase will be rapid and unprecedented.

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DISCLAIMER: The activity of the cryptoassets discussed in this paper is uncontrolled. This post is not intended to provide financial advice. Always do independent research.

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