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KoinWorks is One of the Fastest Growing P2P Lending Platforms in Southeast Asia

Are you an entrepreneur in Indonesia looking for a better and faster way to access the funds you need? KoinWorks, one of Indonesia’s leading peer-to-peer lending platforms, has recently raised $12 million to further expand its services. So now, entrepreneurs have a better chance than ever to get the required financing.

Introduction to KoinWorks

KoinWorks is an Indonesian fintech company that has recently raised $12 million in a Series C funding round led by investment firm Gobi Partners. Founded in 2016, KoinWorks provides fast and convenient peer-to-peer (P2P) loans to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It uses its proprietary risk-assessment algorithms and analytics to enable faster credit decisions and lower loan default rates.

The company is aiming to make borrowing easier for SMEs and provide access to funds that may not be available through traditional routes. Although the P2P lending market is still relatively new, KoinWorks has already enjoyed massive growth since its launch, becoming one of the largest players in the sector. As of February 2021, the platform had received $43 million of investments from 2 thousand investors across Southeast Asia—including Hong Kong’s Welcome3 Ventures—and had disbursed more than 8 thousand loans totaling over $187 million.

KoinWorks plans on using its new funding to further expand its services within Indonesia and other markets across Southeast Asia, as well as strengthen its technology platform to better meet customer needs for digital banking services.

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Overview of Indonesia’s SME Lending Market

Indonesia’s SME lending market has seen a period of significant growth in recent years. This can be largely attributed to rapidly advancing technology, increased government investment and a burgeoning middle class. Lenders respond by entering the space and creating new credit options for business owners. As a result, traditional credit-based lending models are increasingly being replaced by more modern alternatives such as P2P lending platforms.

Recent initiatives to spur economic growth such as narrowing the gap between potential borrowers and financiers have further opened access to financial services for Indonesian SMEs. This has been an incremental shift from the traditional banking system with its high threshold requirements, limited access to loans and long waiting times for approvals.

KoinWorks is one of the emerging players at the forefront of this shift towards an agile form of providing SME financing tailored to address specific needs​ of these businesses ‒ particularly those with minimal financial records or low credit ratings who are otherwise excluded from conventional sources of financing . With its recently announced funding round from investors including East Ventures, KoinWorks is well-positioned to capitalise on this opportunity by expanding their offerings and reach in Indonesia’s P2P SME lending platform market.

KoinWorks’ P2P Lending Platform

KoinWorks is an Indonesian-based peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform targeting small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and providing consumer financing services. Founded in 2016, the company has recently announced that it has raised $12 million to grow its P2P SME lending platform.

KoinWorks operates by connecting potential investors with SMEs, who are looking to secure loans for working capital. The company aims to democratize access to finance and provide a simpler and less laborious alternative to traditional banking channels in Indonesia.

The service offered by KoinWorks enables individuals to invest and earn interest on their spare cash. At the same time, businesses have increased access to funds to help support their growth plans and ambitions. By facilitating these two goals, the company values itself for creating a positive outcome for lenders and borrowers. To date, Koinworks has facilitated over $35 million in loans in Indonesia, making it one of the leaders within the SME lending space in Southeast Asia.

With this recent funding round from leading venture capital firms Sequoia India, Alpha JWC Ventures, Softbank Ventures Asia, Insignia Venture Partners and Arbor Ventures, KoinWorks will be expanding its services into new markets further enabling even more business owners to access capital easily without going through the traditional long drawn out processes associated with more formal banking institutions.

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Indonesia’s KoinWorks raises $12 million to grow its P2P SME lending platform

Indonesia-based P2P SME lender KoinWorks has closed a $12 million Series B funding round to support the company’s ongoing expansion and growth. Goldbell Investments led the investment, with participation from Indonesia-based venture capital firm East Ventures and several strategic investors in Singapore, Indonesia and the US.

KoinWorks was launched in 2016 to provide secure, affordable and accessible funding to Indonesia’s underserved small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs). By leveraging technology, data science and an extensive network of partners, KoinWorks has become one of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing lending platforms for SMEs.

The funds from this latest round will be used to expand KoinWork’s suite of financial products with new credit lines for businesses and increased access for consumer lenders. Other initiatives include investing in infrastructure and enhancing risk management protocols.

KoinWork’s CEO Benedicto Haryono commented on the announcement: “We are delighted to have the support of Goldbell Investments and believe that they will be essential partners in our journey towards providing financial freedom for small businesses across Indonesia. Of course we are also very thankful that East Ventures continue to support us on this important stage of our growth. This investment allows us to execute our strategy faster to open greater opportunities for SMEs all over Java, Bali, and beyond.”

By leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and their massive industry expertise in financial services, KoinWorks is taking measures to revolutionize digital lending while ensuring it remains committed to regulatory compliance. Furthermore, with the company’s widened reach across different countries in Southeast Asia through partnerships with banks, nonbank financing companies and commercial lenders alike; KoinWork aims to provide greater accessiblity for underserved small businesses without compromising responsible finance principles as part of its core mandate.

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The $12 Million Funding Round

KoinWorks, a Indonesian peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform designed to finance small and medium-sized companies, has recently announced the completion of its latest funding round. Quona Capital led the round, a venture capital firm focused on startups in emerging markets, with additional investments from Endeavor Catalyst and existing investors Alpha JWC Ventures and Softbank Ventures Asia. KoinWorks raised $12 million in new funding for the round.

The company will use the new capital to strengthen its position in Indonesia’s digital lending market by accelerating product development. According to local reports, it will focus on expanding access to finance for businesses that require innovative lending solutions. It will also look at wealth management services for SMEs and consumer operations such as vehicle financing and SME consumer loans. Koinworks also wants to expand its services across Indonesia by entering new markets outside Greater Jakarta.

KoinWorks will be able to build on what it has already achieved in recent years. Having served more than 1 million users since its launch in 2016, the company now serves over 30 million borrowers with an average loan of 20 million Rupiah ($1,400). With this latest funding round secured, Koinworks looks like it is set to reach even greater heights within Indonesia’s financial services sector going forward.

The Impact of the Funding

KoinWorks, an Indonesia-based peer-to-peer (P2P) SME lending platform, has raised $12 million in a Series B funding round. Participating investors include Mirae Asset-Naver Asia Growth Fund, LINE Ventures and Skystar Capital. This latest fundraising brings the total funds raised by KoinWorks to over $24 million.

This latest funding will enable KoinWorks to expand its services and reach across the region, while continuing to develop technology improvement to keep up with changing customer needs. In addition, as part of the funding agreement, Mirae Asset-Naver Asia Growth Fund has been appointed as a board observer to ensure effective decision making and sound management practices are adopted.

The funds will also be utilized to improve existing credit risk models while introducing new ones, including AI capabilities and other cutting edge tech such as biometric authentication systems and digital identity verification processes. Additionally, this money will be used for team expansion; developing new products; enhancing user interface; improving data quality; creating structured financial products for the small business sector; engaging more investors through KoinInvest ;and helping financial institutions achieve inclusive finance with Enabling Technology Platforms (ETP).

In just three years since its launch in 2017, KoinWorks has become one of Indonesia’s leading P2P lending platforms for SMEs with over 500 million transactions completed across Southeast Asia during this period. This latest round of investments is expected to propel the brand even further as it attempts to make funds accessible even on the most remote areas within Southeast Asian countries.

The Future of KoinWorks

KoinWorks, an Indonesia-based peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform dedicated to serving Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) has raised $12 million in an oversubscribed funding round from a group of eight investors. This most recent injection of capital brings KoinWorks’ total funds raised to date up to $25 million and comes as the platform looks to expand its presence in Southeast Asia.

The new funding will be used to build the team across technology, marketing, risk management and operations and explore new products and services. It will also be used to develop relationships with leading banks, financial institutions and non-bank lenders throughout the region. With this investment, KoinWorks is poised to become one of Southeast Asia’s largest P2P SME lending platforms.

The platform enables SMEs to quickly access capital within hours at rates lower than traditional financial institutions. To do this it uses advanced analytics gleaned from transactions data points that has proven beneficial for lenders looking for higher returns for their investments and investors wanting to build diversified portfolios that bring better risk adjusted returns.

With this investment Koinworks is committed to further innovating its lending product and widening access across Southeast Asia both by working closely with financial institutions in different countries along with creating more data points from outside markets to fuel its advanced algorithms that help match suitable borrowers with suitable lenders ensuring both parties get the best outcome possible out of any given transaction.


In conclusion, KoinWorks’ latest funding round is a testament to the company’s potential, capabilities and growth in the SME lending. With deep roots in Indonesia, this round of funding will help the company extend its reach by offering more tailored financial solutions and services to its customers.

KoinWorks will use this funding to develop innovative technologies that provide users with even more earning opportunities as well as improve their customer experience. In addition, they plan on investing heavily in human capital to ensure they have the skills and knowledge necessary to scale their operations and better serve SMEs throughout Indonesia.

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