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The Funding Will be Used to Expand KoinWorks’ Operations

Struggling to access financing for your small or medium sized business? You’re not alone.

KoinWorks, a Jakarta-based SME financial platform, just announced their $108M Series C funding to help tackle the issue.

With this new injection of money, KoinWorks is creating a world where everyone can realise their dreams.

Introduction to KoinWorks

KoinWorks is an innovative SME financial platform based out of Jakarta, Indonesia, recently securing a significant Series C funding round. As of April 10th 2021, KoinWorks announced that they had secured $108million from the Funding Societies Group and various other investors. This capital will enable KoinWorks to continue to drive their mission of tackling unmet financial needs in Indonesia, while revolutionizing the digital financing space through groundbreaking new tech-driven solutions.

Koinworks traces its roots back to early 2016 when it was launched as a peer-to-peer lending platform targeting SMEs looking for alternative forms of financing. Since then, it has grown rapidly and diversified extensively with various new products and services. Today, it offers online business loans to its customers through working capital loans, asset purchase loans and invoice finance solutions. It also provides its customers with banking facilities such as savings products and payroll services. Utilizing advanced credit scoring algorithms and big data analytics, Koinworks can provide customers with quick loan decisions and a much more streamlined loan application process than traditional brick-and-mortar lenders could ever offer.

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Jakarta-based SME financial platform KoinWorks scoops up $108M Series C

KoinWorks, a Jakarta-based fintech startup providing small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) access to financial services, recently closed its Series C funding round at $108 million. The round was led by Japan’s Daiwa PI Partners, with participation from existing investors SoftBank Ventures Asia and SIG Asia Investment.

The startup works with financial institutions in Indonesia such as banks and non-bank financial institutions (NBFI) to enable lending services for SMEs. It is the largest online peer-to-peer lending platform in Indonesia, having served more than 10,000 customers.

With the new capital injection, KoinWorks will focus on expanding its product portfolio beyond peer-to-peer lending and further developing existing products. Its ambitions include reaching 150 major cities across Indonesia shortly. The money will also help KoinWorks launch additional customer segments like corporate clients and SMEs, enlarge its team through hiring investments in technology and key talent positions, and drive customer acquisition through marketing initiatives.

KoinWorks’ Series C funding brings their total funding amount up to $136 million since launching in 2016. With such a large vote of confidence from investors and remarkable growth year over year, the window is only opening wider for this Indonesian fintech leader’s bright future!

Benefits of KoinWorks for SMEs

KoinWorks is an innovative financial platform designed to provide increased access to financing for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the Jakarta region. This groundbreaking technology has provided numerous advantages to many SMEs, resulting in the recent announcement of a $108 million Series C funding round.

For SMEs, KoinWorks provides a unique opportunity to access capital without requiring them to approach banks or other traditional lending institutions. In addition, the platform has helped SMEs secure working capital quickly and efficiently and minimize transaction costs associated with loan processing. By taking an online approach, KoinWorks also helps speed up processing time so that SMEs can access funds faster than ever.

The platform also offers tailored products and services designed for each SME’s requirements. From pre-financing assistance through dedicated customer success teams, KoinWorks is committed to helping all types of businesses succeed and grow through its comprehensive suite of products and services for different life cycle stages.

KoinWork’s Series C funding round is great news for both the Jakarta region and its many small businesses who are looking for ways to secure additional capital without having to turn exclusively towards traditional lenders – now, with KoinWorks’ support, they can have better choices when making decisions about how best to secure working capital or finance their business expenses.

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Impact of KoinWorks’ Funding on the Indonesian Fintech Market

The news that Jakarta-based SME financial platform KoinWorks has secured a $108 million Series C funding round marks a major milestone for Indonesia’s fintech industry. The news, announced through the company’s official blog, highlights the strength of the country’s emerging startup scene, with investors showing strong confidence in homegrown technology companies — even during economic uncertainty.

KoinWorks’ latest injection of capital comes just three months after it raised $20 million in a Series B round, demonstrating its continued success in securing funding. The money will be used to fund KoinWorks’ further expansion into other markets, as well as to enhance its existing product capabilities and invest in research and development.

The significant investment into an Indonesian fintech business will likely have far-reaching consequences for the nation’s tech sector. With growing numbers of startup founders turning to independent lenders like KoinWorks for their financing needs, more traditional banks could be expected to step up their game when it comes to meeting the needs of startups. This is likely to drive greater transparency and competition in the market, resulting in better products and services for entrepreneurs and consumers.

This investment could signify an increasingly favorable environment for foreign capital entering developing markets such as Indonesia. Moreover, with more investor confidence likely to come from similar successes by other tech businesses, investors will be reassured that their money is being invested responsibly – which could give rise to longer term fruitful investments across Southeast Asia’s fast-growing fintech space over time.

KoinWorks’ Expansion Plans

KoinWorks, a Jakarta-based SME financial platform, recently announced the closing of its $108M Series C funding round. The round was led by SoftBank Ventures Asia and was joined by several strategic investors.

The new funds will be used to drive KoinWorks’ expansion plans, including the development and launch of their new platform “KoinP2P”. The platform offers peer-to-peer lending services and digital banking features such as savings accounts, term loans, and cash transfers. They have also launched a pilot program in Indonesia to provide SMEs access to working capital financing via their existing partner banks.

In addition to expanding their existing services and products, KoinWorks intends to use the investments raised in this round to further explore opportunities in other markets across Southeast Asia. This includes creating more localised products better suited for different markets and customers.

The investments from this funding round serve as an indication of larger investment flows into Indonesia. Investment firms were attracted by KoinWorks’ position at the centre of Indonesia’s alternative finance ecosystem – providing small and medium sized businesses access to capital without relying solely on bank loans or family and friends money. The firm has leveraged technology and an innovative business model to expand its financial inclusion projects into various unobtrusive segments untapped by traditional finance providers.

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Challenges Faced by KoinWorks

With the investments raised in its Series C round, KoinWorks aims to widen its presence across Southeast Asia, further reinforce customer protection, and bolster its technology platform. Despite the company’s rapid growth since its inception in 2015, KoinWorks continues to face several challenges while working towards becoming one of Southeast Asia’s premier financial platforms.

One of the major challenges faced by KoinWorks is customer acquisition and retention. KoinWorks constantly seeks innovative ways to gain more loyal customers in a highly competitive market. The company also needs to continually strengthen its brand identity through branding efforts such as redesigning their website, creating multimedia campaigns, and developing strong relationships with existing customers through interactions on social media platforms.

Another challenge faced by KoinWorks is staying compliant with local regulations and ensuring client satisfaction with its services. As the company rapidly expands across different markets in Southeast Asia, it must comply with new regulations that vary from country to country. To ensure a smoother onboarding experience for new users as they purchase financial products or loan money through KoinWorks’ platform, the company must ensure impeccable customer service throughout their journey and provide comprehensive investment guidance if necessary.

Finally, Koinworks faces difficulties when it comes to adapting their platform for different cultures and demographics. As the financial industry evolves at an unprecedented rate amid ongoing digital transformation efforts around Southeast Asia, continually optimizing user experience-driven solutions such as those offered by Koinworks will be essential to maintaining growth amidst an ever crowded market regionally and globally.

KoinWorks’ Future Outlook

KoinWorks’ latest round of funding marks what the startup hopes will be a major turning point for its operations. With the newfound capital, KoinWorks plans to use its resources to better expand their presence across Indonesia and continue developing innovative technologies designed to make borrowing and investing in Indonesian small and medium enterprises more accessible than ever before.

Additionally, KoinWorks expects that this additional funding will enable them to better serve existing customers, who have increasingly come to rely on KoinWorks’ platform as a reliable source of capital amid a challenging economic landscape. With this newly secured capital, KoinWorks also intends on growing their team of exceptional engineers, analysts and other personnel—alluring promising talent away from competitors like the much-lauded ICDG by providing competitive salaries and attractive growth prospects.

Overall, with their new influx of funds leading the way, it appears there’s no stopping KoinWorks as it continues revolutionizing SME banking in Indonesia.


The Series C round comes as the Indonesian economy continues to rebound from the impact of the pandemic and KoinWorks — once a phenomenon-level success in Southeast Asia — has grown by leaps and bounds beyond its early ambitions. The current fund raise will propel it forward, ensuring it can sustain its momentum even further.

This investment round also signals increasing interest in Indonesia’s SME sector, an important engine of economic growth. As Jakarta’s emerging FinTech environment matures, KoinWorks is well-positioned to become a dominant player in this space and thus will continue to be an important partner for small business owners and entrepreneurs looking for access to capital.

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