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Moss Plans to Expand to Other Countries

Are you looking for a reliable fintech startup in Europe? Look no further, as the German-based Moss is here to revolutionize the digital banking experience!

Recently Moss has raised €75 million from Tiger Global and other investors in pursuit of further expansion into the Netherlands and beyond. So get ready to witness financial technology at its finest!


Moss, a German fintech startup, announced recently that it has secured €75 million in a funding round with Tiger Global Management leading the round and Accel participating, among other investors. Moss is headquartered in Berlin and was originally founded as Spotcap in 2014 by Toby Triebel and Christopher Welck before they rebranded the company to Moss in 2019.

The platform provides digitalised financial services to small- and medium-sized business users seeking financing and banking systems. With this funding injection, Moss plans to offer more services such as automated accounting integration tools and contactless payments – all to help business owners streamline their finances.

Background of Moss

Moss is a German fintech startup created to make it easier for users to manage their finances. Founded in 2018 by tech entrepreneur Tijs Leenarts and his co-founder Julian Fiege, Moss entered the German market in May 2020 after successfully launching its app in the Netherlands two months prior.

Using AI-driven technology, Moss offers digital financial services including budgeting and saving tools; bank account switching; automated transfers between accounts; and credit line-as-a-service, with payouts of up to €10,000. The company’s app also functions as a personal digital assistant providing users with insights into their spending habits, automated payment reminders and the ability to set financial goals.

Moss’ mission is to provide customers with a simple solution for managing their finances, eliminating manually tracking banking transactions and providing users with convenient banking services such as ATM withdrawal restrictions, overdraft protection, and enhanced customer service. The startup aims to become Europe’s leading innovative finance platform for younger generations and simplify the financial experience across multiple markets.

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After launching in the Netherlands, German fintech startup Moss raises €75M from Tiger Global, others

Moss, an Amsterdam and Berlin-based fintech startup, has announced the completion of a €75 million ($83.4 million) funding round led by Tiger Global, with participation from existing investors Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners and Kreos Capital, as well as new investors Spark Capital and Middlegame Ventures. The funding round is the largest operational growth financing for a fintech in the Benelux region.

This latest financing round brings Moss’s total raised amount to €111 million ($123 million) since launching in 2017. The new funds will further develop Moss’s lending platform for SMEs across Europe and expand across more countries. As many countries face lockdown measures due to the coronavirus pandemic, this news comes at a good time as businesses need more diverse and flexible access to finance than ever before.

Moss will also use the funds to develop new, innovative products like its recent launch of “Flexilending” — a payment plan specifically tailored to retail businesses that allows customers to easily delay payment onto their purchases over time with no additional fees or interest costs.

By leveraging technology such as AI-enabled decision-making and automated credit analytics, Moss can offer faster loan processing times for SMEs and lower costs than many traditional banks. This is key when it comes down to providing them accesses funds quickly during difficult times such as these.

Impact of the Funding

The €75M Series C funding for the German fintech startup Moss marks yet another huge capital injection into the European tech market this year. This is Tiger Global’s first ever investment in continental Europe and will come as great news for the wider fintech industry, indicating that investors are now willing to back innovative ideas at a much earlier stage than before.

The injection of funds will enable Moss to expand further into Europe and worldwide, increasing their customer base and accelerating innovation in banking technology. In addition, the funding could also help Moss to implement new tools and services, such as their new online payment system.

This latest round of funding further strengthens Moss’s position as one of Germany’s leading fintech startups. Moreover, it sends a clear signal that there is still plenty of appetite for companies with innovative solutions to traditional banking problems.

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Details of the Investors

Moss, a German fintech startup, has completed a €75 million financing round led by Tiger Global and participation from Manta Ray Ventures and HV Capital.

The investment brings the total amount of funding raised by the company to €112 million. Moss is currently operational in Germany and recently launched in the Netherlands, with plans to expand into other European markets. The company’s technology connects end-users with financial services providers across various industries through its open banking platform.

The new funds will accelerate product development, enhance platform features, and explore growth opportunities in new European markets. Manta Ray Ventures is operated by Florian Heinemann and Christian Reber, renowned German venture capitalists who have invested in numerous successful early-stage startups such as FlixBus, Kreditech, and Deposit Solutions.

HV Capital is an independent private equity firm founded by Internet entrepreneur and investor Horst von Brandenburger who has been involved in angel investing for over 20 years and has backed many top fintechs across the continent including N26 GmbH and solarisBank AG.

Tiger Global is an American-based venture capital firm founded in 2001 that invests primarily in businesses developing or using technology worldwide. The New York-based firm is led by CEO Chase Coleman III and has over two decades of experience investing globally in sectors like software/technology and internet infrastructure. This latest investment marks Tiger Global’s first foray into fintech investments in Europe.

berlinbased 75m series 500mdillettechcrunch

Future Plans of Moss

Following their successful launch in the Netherlands, German fintech startup Moss has raised €75M in funding from Tiger Global, Northzone and others to fuel their international expansion plans. This new influx of funds will enable Moss to expand customer services and explore digital banking opportunities.

The company plans to use its capital injection to increase product development, strengthen its presence in the Netherlands, accelerate expansion into other European markets, and eventually move into the United States. Moss also intends to use its newfound resources to expand its team of tech experts and establish new office locations throughout Europe.

With this recent announcement, Moss is excited about furthering their mission towards a people-focused digital ecosystem. Striving for seamless banking experiences offering smart functionality is key for their growth strategy. The startup is confident that their strategic investments will begin demonstrating measurable progress over the short term.


Moss proves there is still potential in the crowded fintech space, especially for innovative young companies that offer both an alternative to traditional financial services and a superior one. And while the company’s successful fundraising round is an impressive feat in itself, it also validates the startup’s vision, technology and leadership.

Moss has grown quickly over the past year and continues expanding acceleratedly. This latest funding round will allow them to continue their growth trajectory and focus on their mission of providing businesses with the tools they need to succeed in the modern economy. With their new injection of funds and partnerships with esteemed investors like Tiger Global and Uncorpfinance, Moss looks set for further success.


Moss has been funded by some of the most prestigious venture capital firms and investors in Silicon Valley, Germany and the Netherlands. Tiger Global Management led the most recent round of funding with participation from N26, Northzone, Founders Fund and Heartcore Capital. In addition, Earlybird Venture Capital, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, Ventech and other prominent investors funded previous rounds.

Moss’s international clients include Volkswagen Financial Services, Samsung Pay Europe and Allianz Germany. The startup has also developed partnerships with payment providers such as Mollie, Stripe and Adyen. Moss currently operates in the Netherlands, Germany and France, with plans to expand further throughout Europe in 2020.

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