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The Impact of OpenReel on the Video Production Industry

Are you looking for a way to streamline remote video production? OpenReel’s new $19M funding will revolutionize the process with its efficient, cost-effective platform.

With this revolutionary series of tools, you can now deliver videos faster without sacrificing quality!


OpenReel, a startup specializing in remote video production tools, has raised $19 million in new funding. Led by Point Nine Capital, the round attracted a range of investors including the European Investment Bank, LocalGlobe and Fuel Ventures. OpenReel’s cloud-based platform makes video production faster, simpler and more cost-effective by offering high-quality streaming services and team collaboration tools. With its newly acquired funds, OpenReel plans to expand its services into other markets and develop its product further.

OpenReel’s CEO and founder Patrick Kury remarked on the significance of this new investment: “This financing round is an important milestone in our mission to make remote video production easier for everyone. Our goal is to become the leading provider of cloud-based video platforms for professionals and nonprofessionals alike.”

The company also revealed plans to grow their team size and develop new features such as AI-powered editing options to meet this goal.

What is OpenReel?

OpenReel is a remote production platform that simplifies creating and engaging with professional-quality video content. Founded in 2018, the company recently raised $19 million in funding from major investors, setting the stage for their goal to become a go-to platform for Remote Video Production. OpenReel features an easy interface and can be used by non-professionals to create quality videos remotely, filling gaps in remote video production facilitation across industries such as education, corporate and marketing.

The product enables users to create videos that appear and sound professional even with minimal effort or technical knowledge needed from the user. It offers a diverse selection of content creation tools such as templates, appropriate audio library, tips & tricks delivered through conferences, tutorials, and automated editing capabilities that enable a high level of video production without requiring users to have expertise in editing software or video making techniques.

OpenReel also provides integrated tools such as online sharing & collaboration capabilities, allowing people using different devices across various locations to interact while creating videos on the OpenReel platform. With its cutting edge technology, OpenReel guarantees smooth user engagement across platforms based on accessibility criteria such as availability of devices such as computers & mobiles along with speed & low latency internet connection at both ends for easier interaction between users for simultaneous collaboration irrespective of geographical limitations.

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What Problem Does OpenReel Solve?

OpenReel is a cloud-based platform that simplifies remote video production. The company recently raised $19 million in capital from venture investors to create an all-in-one platform that streamlines the process of creating high quality videos and other digital assets.

The problem that OpenReel solves is information silos and traditional ways of doing things are slowing down the production process. With remote contributors, keeping everyone on the same page and ensuring assets are created consistently and efficiently can be difficult. OpenReel solves this issue by creating a shared ecosystem that connects people, technologies, processes and content to remove complexity from production cycles and make them more streamlined.

In addition to providing a robust cloud-based platform, OpenReel facilitates workflow collaboration via its real-time messaging system. This messaging system enables teammates to work together on projects more closely than ever before so deadlines can be met faster and output quality improved drastically. From preproduction through postproduction, OpenReel makes video creation simple for teams of all sizes regardless of location.

How Does OpenReel Simplify Remote Video Production?

OpenReel is a cloud-based video production platform that helps teams collaborate and communicate easily in remote environments. It provides a suite of tools to help streamline the production process, reducing time and increasing efficiency for teams scattered across different locations.

At its core, OpenReel can organize content and resources inside one collaborative space — eliminating silos of communication across different platforms. As a result, throughout the production cycle, from pre- to post-, users have access to various features such as talent management, storyboarding, QA and analytics — all integrated within one access point.

OpenReel also provides media analysis capabilities through its automated AI-based system which reads transcriptions from videos and can even suggest potential edits or improvements for future videos according to user needs. This helps simplify and speed up many tedious tasks usually associated with pre-production.

The idea behind OpenReel is providing a complete set of tools that makes remote video productions faster, cheaper, easier and more efficient — allowing teams to focus on producing quality content instead of having their energy consumed by the thorough editing process. With this $19M in funding, OpenReel will be able to unlock even more possibilities for future remote video production teams looking for reliable solutions with integrated capabilities at hand.

Benefits of OpenReel

OpenReel offers organizations increased agility and simplified remote video production of their video projects. Through the company’s cloud-based video capture tools, organization can cut back costs associated with media production and archiving. The OpenReel platform allows customers to use easy-to-use tools both from the cloud and desktop, increasing automation of the entire process.

The platform offers several features that make media editing, publishing, and sharing effortless:

  • Collaboration Support enables teams to work together on videos even when geographically dispersed.
  • Video Templates – Make it easy for editors to create professional looking videos with less time spent on production tasks.
  • Integrated Media Library – Stores all clips in one place for easy access and sharing.
  • Editing & Publishing – To consolidate complex editing projects requiring multiple files into one file.

With these features, OpenReel provides an end-to end workflow solution that simplifies remote video production for organizations of all sizes. The platform is easily scalable from small projects to more complex productions, allowing customers to reduce costs significantly while providing high quality results every time.

openreel 19m series verizon mediatechcrunch

OpenReel raises $19M to simplify remote video production

OpenReel, a cloud-based video production platform, recently announced a funding round of $19M. The round was spearheaded by Cota Capital, with participation from numerous other investors including UpWest Labs, Qualcomm Ventures and JAL Ventures. This brings the company’s total funding to $30 million since its inception in 2014.

OpenReel is designed to simplify remote video production by providing an all-in-one suite of tools for pre-production, scheduling and post-production tasks. It also offers advanced collaboration capabilities that allow users to securely share media files with customers and third parties.

The funds will be used to further develop and market OpenReel’s flagship product and expand the company’s customer base. CEO Moti Cohen said he was “grateful for the support of our new and existing investors, who are helping us bring professional-quality remote video production within reach for customers around the world… we look forward to developing further features that will enable our users to maximize their efficiency when creating projects remotely”.

openreel 19m viacomcbs mediatechcrunch

Future Plans for OpenReel

OpenReel has raised $19M to help simplify remote video production. As part of the funding round, OpenReel plans to use the capital to expand its offering to include virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and extended reality (XR) components. The company also plans to introduce a suite of intuitive tools to help creatives quickly manage their footage and videos in real-time. With these plans in mind, OpenReel hopes its platform will become the go-to choice for video creators everywhere, enabling them to work more efficiently and maximize their creative potential.

OpenReel also intends to continue investing in its proprietary AI technology, aiming to provide automated support for editing, color grading, and music selection tasks. Additionally, it plans to expand its library of stock footage and resources for sound design and composition. All of this should enable the platform’s users work smarter with less effort required on their part.

Given their current financial stability and technical capability position with plans already in place, OpenReel is confident that it can soon become the go-to solution for remote video production.


OpenReel has now raised $19 million in venture capital funding to expand its video production platform and simplify remote video production. The company’s cloud-based platform enables businesses to produce high-quality videos quickly, efficiently, and easily, without the cost and complexity associated with traditional methods.

With this new capital injection, OpenReel plans to further invest in its technology, increase its customer base, and develop new products for even better execution of remote video production. OpenReel’s foray into the digital space has made it one of the most exciting video production platforms today and will play a major role in shaping the industry for years.

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